About Us

We are a small (mostly) dairy farm located in Rupert, Vermont. Our cows are A2/A2 and 100% grass fed. We practice intense rotational management with our small herd rotating them every 24 hours.   We aim to make the land better with our cows, not destroy it.  They get good pasture grass and in turn, they give us beautiful milk and we make soap with it. We also forage and grow herbs for our Healing Hands Salve, Herbal Lip Balms, and Bath Teas. 

The farm consists of Danielle (her/she)- wife, cow milker, soap maker, Instagramer, professional cow lover and Lewie - husband, tractor driver, plant guru, and professional cow scratcher. Together we farm for our health, our love for food, our daughter, our community, the soil and to share our love for cows with everyone. 


Our Cows

Meet Saturn & Phoebe

Breed: White Galloway Mini Jersey Cross

Ages: 15 & 5

Personalities: Saturn- sweet and gentle Phoebe- sassy and spunky

Milk: A2/A2 100% grass fed

Diet: 100% grass fed. Rotated pasture in the summer, hay in the winter.  Milking treats, alfalfa cubes, and apples

Favorite human trick: neck scratches and alfalfa treats


Our Products

Our cows milk soap is made with our very own whole fat grass fed cows milk.  We mix it with natural butters and oils, lye and essential oils to make the most creamy, luxurious soap ever. No artificial anything. Just straight up old fashioned soap that leaves your skin soft, moisturized, and clean. 

Our salves, balms and bath teas are infused with not certified organic herbs that we forage and grow for their healing and beneficial qualities. Mixed with beeswax and butters our salves and balms do their magic healing chapped hands, feet, elbows - you name it. So gentle and magical I use them on my cows udders everyday.  Our bath teas are great way to relax after a hard farming day - aromatherapy, mineral rich and healing herbs to offer a mess free bath bomb alternative.